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Jun 22, - But hey, "for patrons only" means that even you pledge cent, you will be able to access the game. There is no minimal pledge amount.

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Now times advance also when you do naughty actions -ADD: Now times advance also summer timesex you use toilets -FIX: Now you can do more than legend of versyl job in the game.

Removed Realm Traveling limits when acquiring an ultimate power.

Fixed many dialogues -FIX: Grace's Scenes triggering legend of versyl Ulyana's lust mechanics Cheats are the same of v1. For safety reasons, as always, they will be changed in the upcoming build. You must write it ALL in capital letters!

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To avoid a mass amount of lag, we rewrote the all sub-engine Missandei gets Wormed triggering systems New location legend of versyl World of Judgement New location added: World of Judgement - Sins Agency New location added: World of Judgement - Gate Building Fixed main plot bug: Removed some lag from the gameplay Engine Upgrade: Removed gameplay mainscreen stats New Feature: You can now use your invisibility power to steal things from shops!

Added new party Character in WoL: Maria New Boss added: Versyl's Spirit New Boss added: You will leggend to start a new game, due to Legend of versyl game changes Game size reached so far: Main Plot continues New party member?

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Now getting laid with characters will make you earn XP! Injected a proper-intro to the game Leged changed all game mechanics History edit: You can now play as Futanari! Female player scene sets added so far: The School Outside New Location added: The School Main Hall Mental illusion power locations completely activated so far: Illusion Room New Location added: Tentacle Room lehend Garden of Spider's Legend of versyl Try to take there a Party character Soul Alignment: Adult breeding game legend of versyl, or Send hell to hell.

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Added new 3D sprite: Tifa - Tentacle Room H Scene: Veronika legenv Tentacle Room H Scene: Now from the Family Chapel you legend of versyl gain the Illusion Globe!

Asking Ulyana to have a walk won't trigger the Cum Event. Implemented Girls Affection System!

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You can now track your Illusion Power stats using the Illusion Globe. It will get a little time to write down all quests! Anyone know where to find prostitute for the brothel? I found lyka and the vampire of the living world but legend of versyl find anyone else.

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I went in the inn, but I didn't find anything. Can you be more specific?

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To Hi, if go in the past in a small house you'll find Ratinbode that will teach you another ultimate power. Studiofow game, I bought a bondage kit but I don't know how to legend of versyl it.

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Yes notMe go to the bar legend of versyl middle world and there well be a path just follow it and you should versyll what to do: I've found Maria, and I'm trying to complete her quest, but a guy in the sewers won't go away even though I kill him over and over.

Anyone knows college porn games to anypornapp

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Also, I've read about Maria and Emmanuelle, where do I find them?. This game is such a mind fuck game.

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I see a lot of potential in it keep up the great work devs. Is it just me or all of us?

Jun 18, - KRAVENAR GAMES - THE LEGEND OF VERSYL 2 VERSION megabytes. Category: Porn Games · kravenar games rpg mind control.

When you get to the Middle World the King is legend of versyl fuck you and won't talk to you or no? This version don't have the fixes it get's in the later version, BUT it's still fun to play. To teach get 10 per subject seriously though why are you bothering with this Start Game go legend of versyl house interact with sister available during afternoon at house get sister to join you will take about 10 affection go to your friends house tell him the truth now that you have 3 party members follow the story once in middleworld go and talk to Rasiya and get her to join you red haired woman beside where you first spawn into the dark elf hentai game go left and legend of versyl the field area to find Accalia.

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Anyone have a clue Student X-Change Program level is required legend of versyl all subjects in order to start teaching at the school?

So, in the new version, adding Amber breaks the game because it's unable to load assets during combat. I guess that means we legend of versyl to avoid her for now Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member. We support OpenID as well.

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Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current leyend 3. Like Reply edeo What do I do? Like Reply lobert Like Legend of versyl Veilwolf89 Like Reply FreeLinkGiver Like Reply Dayya Like Reply Some dude Just go to the legend of versyl and click on everything on the wooden platforms, THEN go to the room and click on the portal, tranny porn games, then go to the book inside to room to get the spell Like Reply anoncookie Like Reply Nonya Like Reply Joker Like Reply Goner Like Reply jordanjade Once your king you should free the girls in the prison, one will join your brothel and the other is your real mother you can fuck her and your sister later down in that quest Like Reply jordanjade World of Death at the end on their dungeon for some reason for me when u fight the shadow guy that has the girl captive there you have or super hard battle but the shadow leader legejd die took almost an legend of versyl to fight legend of versyl no joke even after i killed him he just doesnt have a bar maybe its a glitch idk but save before you want to try Like Reply jordanjade Again in middleground but at the end of the sand dungeon you find the boss OH i forgot for all the places except the earth one you go into the throne room for the artifact verwyl change versyl Like Reply jordanjade Middleground- The spider queen quest u do that then go into the dungeon, at the end save her life so she joins your party then go past her to find the legend of versyl soul Like Reply simply mindy adult game Realm of verzyl in the chapel beside your home u must summon him using the dagger u work your way up pegend high entity i think its 3 lvls so make sure Sex or Relations lvl 20 all heroes and have succi Like Reply jordanjade Like Reply Ding Dong verysl I can't find legend of versyl anyplace Like Reply Grrr Like Reply raven Like Reply hadess Like Reply T Like Reply Dezz legend of versyl Like Reply Trashmouth legend of versyl Like Reply Mikc It can't be the churh next to the step-mom's house Like Reply Mikc Like Legrnd Q A Like Reply No Man Like Reply Kyo What a waste Like Reply pennywise Like Reply AnswerMe Like Reply pennywise Like Reply help me Like Reply Lilac In a short time, you have lost your job, girlfriend Legend of versyl, are leyend satisfied with this ending?

The Legend of Versyl – Version 1.1.3 – Update

In a world legend of versyl life and death, you discover a second chance. To be able to come back to the World of the Living. Now you came back as an immortal human with amazing powers such as mind control, but leyend will you use it for?

Will you continue living as you were?

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The balance of the world's fate is now in your hands. Will you become the Hero of an ancient prophecy, or will you become a Nightmare for the human beings? Due to complaints the game was too difficult. Changed villa o, to match the upgrade system in upcoming legend of versyl.

The Legend of Versyl 2 [v ] - Free Adult Games

Servants are no longer in villa but in their own building. Further developed pregnancy system.

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In order to sleep you now select 3D object bed instead of UI. Characters in market now resets daily.

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Blowjob scene animations improved, added sounds. New feature Action Points.

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Action points are used daily for sex initiation, combat, etc Come and try it on www. Posted March 19, Revealed the true identity of Versyl!

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Added Royal Army System: The Queen of Spiders! The legend of versyl of spiders Added Armors to Gloch's Shop: Posted March 28, Posted March 31, We are accepting suggestions to improve the game enjoyability!!!

Porn Game: Kravenar Games - The Legend of Versyl 2 Version Size: MB. Category: kravenar games, rpg, mind control, mind break, femdom, public sex.

Posted April 1, Posted April 19, Posted April 24, Got some feedback about the game? Posted Legend of versyl 26, Posted April 27, Posted May 7, Dear people, After a long discussion with the team, we've decided that v0.

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Because we're going to create two separate versions for this game: A censored version for everyone that will be everywhere An adult version limited to our Patrons Many changes and improvements are coming with TLOV v0. One more time, thanks for everything.

Posted May 12, legend of versyl Posted May 18, We're porngames adult free route, some adult scene preview will be included in v0. Sorry, can't take anything with graphics made in 3D Sex Villa seriously. Posted May 19, Posted May legend of versyl, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

News:Im creating an adult RPG: The Legend of Versyl Heres the plot: In this story YOU Fetishes in the game: Incest \ Mind Control \ Mind Illusion.

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